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Welcome to Conceal and Carry Headquarters – The leading online resource for information about handgun conceal and carry laws throughout the US with specific state laws and training requirements, a list of resources for where to get the highest quality conceal and carry permit training, articles on proper safety procedures, and interviews with instructors and law enforcement to help you get the information you need to make informed personal decisions about whether conceal and carry is right for you.


What we are about at Conceal and Carry Headquarters.

We started this site to provide citizens across the United States with the highest quality information about concealed carry firearm permits.  Whether you are just investigating this for the first time, or you are a long-time permit holder we hope that this site will grow to become your one-stop information resource.

As you can imagine, much of the content on this site is based on legal statutes.  We are not lawyers, just CCW supporters like you are, so please understand that we offer this site for educational purposes only – we are not dispensing legal advice.  We strive to make the information as accurate as possible, but we absolutely encourage you to use all resources at your disposal, including professional legal counsel, in your decisions about concealed carry issues.

Additionally we have tried to remove the politics from the discussion.  Many of the other concealed carry sites intertwine conservative politics with information about concealed carry.  While we sympathize with this point of view, we believe that there is a place for a concealed carry conversation that is apolitical.  We staunchly believe that while we live in a society with a just and capable police force we cannot, and should not, abdicate our responsibility for our own defense.   The defense of our lives, the lives of our family and the protection of our property transcends political ideology.  Therefore we have tried to make the language and tone of this site as inviting as possible to both sides of the political spectrum.

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