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The Reciprocity Maps are UP!

Posted February 4th, 2012 in Site Updates

As of about 1 a.m. last night I finished posting the last concealed carry reciprocity map for every state. To find them start here: State Laws Page.

I have also begun posting specific articles about the concealed carry laws in various states.  There are 4 that are currently posted: Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.  In the coming weeks I plan to have all 50 completed.  So stay tuned.



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  1. Chuy says:

    “I understand that there may be some pcidujeres among the unelightened and unsophisticated, but really, in my opinion, the social status of those that hold a CCW just went up.” And yes, with folks like me, the SOCIAL status of the CCW holders just went up.But Anonymous 6:27 raised this issue: “The intention of such publications is to threaten CCW holders with the loss of their livelihoods … So if a CCW holder, their spouse, or other loved ones, works for an academic institution, state funded entity, or any other agency or enterprise that frowns on gun ownership, they will face retribution. That’s the purpose of promoting these lists.”Military commander’s use to be able to check the membership lists of Officer’s Clubs and the contribution amounts to the annual Combined Federal Campaign. Both of these practices are now prohibited. An individual does not have a RIGHT to social status. But a individual does have a RIGHT to association (assemble) and speech. Also, an individual does have a right to be ‘secure in their papers and effects against unreasonable searches’ (in this case disclosures by the government of public records they enable an unreasonable search by another person. Because of unreasonable searches into a person’s desire to assemble (or not assemble by NOT joining the O-Club), certain practices relating to protecting a person from employment discrimination have been put into law.Because of unreasonable searches into a person’s lifestyle outside of employment, certain laws are in place to ensure an employee can only be laid off or dismissed from employment based on their work actions. Public access to government controlled CCW records may allow employment discrimination; e.g. an employer/supervisor/co-workers/colleagues can potentially create a hostile work environment, yet not so hostile that the employee can file an official harassment protest. Summary: Please comment on the effect on Livelihood, on WORK status. (There is no right to social status, and I agree with the original Anon that the SOCIAL status issue is a distraction.)NOTE: FYI, in case it matters to fellow readers, I am not the 6:27 Anon. I simply agree

  2. Ani says:

    Before I go into my rant, I will give a resounding yes , gun owrsenhip is not only essential, but a minimum excercise in common sense.***Rant Follows***Julianna Gehant, one of the victims in the Dekalb, Illinois shooting was a nine-year verteran of the Army. She was a staff sergeant. She’d told her uncle on several occasions that she would love to get a permit to carry (such as the ones issued in most states) but Illinois doesn’t have Shall Issue laws and the campus where she was murdered was a gun free zone anyway.Some of the witnesses to the shooting report that the shooter, a psychotic who cared nothing about the laws, the victims, or himself took time to reload before firing more rounds into the terrified people.One person, properly trained and allowed to legally carry could have stopped that tragedy. A properly armed person could have prevented most of the tragedies that have occured in the last few years, if only stupid, failed policies hadn’t prevented them from haveing tools to defend themselves.That’s not just my opinion. That’s the opinion of the families of the victims, that’s the opinion of the survivors. That was the opinion of the late Julie Gehant (My coworkers niece), as much a victim of failed policies and stupid feel-good laws as she was a victim of Steven Kazmierczak. Steven Kazmierczak, a psycho who didn’t place any value on human life. Steven Kazmierczak, a criminal who didn’t let any of the laws stop him. Steven Kazmierczak, who had a pool of unarmed victims to choose from.Not the guns, not the lax gun laws, not the bullets, but Steven Kazmierczak a man who was able to rage through a lecture hall unopposed because gun-laws were overly restrictive. Don’t put the blame on the guns, or the bullets, don’t put it on anything inanimate; blame the person.

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