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10 More State Concealed Carry Articles are up.

Posted February 28th, 2012 in Site Updates

As 1:00 am draws near, I just finished putting up 10 new state articles: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Delaware, Maryland.

Enjoy.  Hopefully next week I will have 10 more up!

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  1. Oria says:

    Hey Dave,Sorry for the late reply, for some reason I didn’t see this until now. You shuold be good with your WI hunters certification. The law states:(a) The proof of training requirement under sub. (7) (e) may be met by any of the following:1. A copy of a document, or an affidavit from an instructor or organization that conducted the course or program, that indicates the individual completed any of the following:a) The hunter education program established under s. 29.591 or a substantially similar program that is established by another state, country, or province and that is recognized by the department of natural resourcesb) b. A firearms safety or training course that is conducted by a national or state organization that certifies firearms instructors.c) A firearms safety or training course that is available to the public and is offered by a law enforcement agency or, if the course is taught by an instructor who is certified by a national or state organization that certifies firearms instructors or by the department, by a technical college, a college or a university, a private or public institution or organization, or a firearms training school. So if your hunters certification was received from participation in the Hunters Education Program, you shuold be good. If not, I would suggest taking a CCW course that is taught by an NRA-Certified Instructor. To see a list of trainers near you, check out our .

  2. Noursan says:

    A trick of my own I found out works (apparently I watched COPS enguoh to learn what gets people pulled over): I tell all my friends I do this and they always agree it sounds logical, but I know from experience how to NOT get pulled over in the first place : When a LEO gets behind me, even though I have a valid license and current insurance and no warrants, no drugs or bombs or anything illegal in the car, I still hate the hassle of being stopped. It’s a waste of my time and theirs. So what I do is I always (no, I mean always) steer with my right hand and place my left hand on my driver’s door with my hand at the top of the window. This, in my opinion, shows the observant officer that I’m not using my right hand to stash anything. He can basically see both my hands, which apparently sends him a good signal because in almost 20 years of doing this, I have never been pulled over no matter how often a LEO has been behind me and how far (besides the above comment city). Just some FYI that might help to not even explain to anyone about your CCW in the first place.

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